Web.com Reviews Looks at Surveillance Options for Your Business

Being a business owner makes you go that extra mile to ensure its proper security. Setting up a video surveillance is the most effective deterrent for any break-ins or burglary at your office or store. Putting up cameras in your workplace also helps keep track of your employees and their work. In this article, Web.com Reviews explains the various surveillance options available in the market so that you can choose the best suited for your business.

The Options

1. Digital Video Recorder – One of the most basic surveillance options is the standalone DVR video camera. They are an ideal option as they can be low budget and simple to set-up. Though the video footage cannot be watched from a remote location, the DVR that is connected to the camera can be further connected to a television or computer for viewing, editing, and even downloading.

2. Computer-based surveillance – If the owner wants to monitor the footage from a remote location, this type of surveillance is best recommended. Although they are a little complex to set up and expensive when compared to the DVR video, a video camera is connected to the computer system where the footage is stored for future viewing. The biggest advantage of this type of system is that it gives real-time access to remote locations when connected to local or online networks. With the facility to change the focus of the camera by the user to try a different angle or zoom in, it is one of the most sought-after options.

3. Types of cameras – When you have decided on the type of surveillance for your business, it is now time to look into the various camera options. When placing cameras outdoors, make sure the camera is able to withstand the weather conditions and has a waterproof casing. For those who require the footage at night too, infra-red or low light camera options are available. When you do not want your employee to know which way the camera is pointing, go for the black dome ones that are specialty cameras. There are some businesses that require discreet recording. In such a case a miniature camera can be installed.

4. Power Options – You are now all set up to make your office secured by choosing the best-suited surveillance option. Here comes the last step before you can give it a start – choosing the power option. Businesses that need greater flexibility in terms of setting up can go for a wireless recording option. These are either wired to the company’s electrical system or are battery powered. The wired camera, even though a little expensive is a one-time set up and demands little maintenance. The battery-powered camera is to be regularly checked for the battery skipping which might result in the loss of important footage.


With a proper step-by-step guide to choosing the best surveillance options for your business, Web.com Reviews believes that you should stop worrying about the security of your company. It is now time to concentrate on promoting your business to help it reach the pinnacle of success.

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