Matthew Davies Stockton Looks at Weekend Projects That Will Keep Your Mind Occupied

Keeping yourself engaged at all times is good for your mental health and allows you to stay productive. Weekends are great to pursue your hobby and tend to those projects that can add excitement to your daily routine. After a rejuvenating weekend, you are also more likely to have a good start for the upcoming week. If you are thinking how to have a fun-filled engaging weekend, Matthew Davies Stockton provides you a few options that you may consider to keep your mind occupied.

The Projects

1. Being with nature- Gardening is a great pastime that instills a lot of positivity in you. It is also a great exercise for the body. This weekend tend to your garden or plan to have a small vegetable garden in your backyard. Seeing your efforts bear fruit, quite literally, in subsequent days will fill you with great pleasure and feeling of accomplishment. Even a simple project of lawn mowing or trimming the overgrown shrubs gives you a divine sense of satisfaction.

2. Painting is food for the soul- You might be a novice when it comes to brushes and paints, but there are enough tutorials to get you going in case you have your heart set up on painting. Creating a piece of art all on your own is both challenging and entertaining. This weekend buy the necessary tools for painting or dust your old ones to explore the creative side of your brain.

3. Reading transports you to a virtual world- Away from the hectic and challenging work life, weekends are a great time to unwind yourself. Books are uniquely portable magic companions that let you travel without moving your feet. A good book does much more than just be an interesting read. It stays with you forever and helps explore yourself and the world in a new light.

4. Yoga and meditation– You must have heard about the benefits of yoga and meditation. If you haven’t tried yet, now is the time to experience the refreshing spiritual practice that does wonders to heal you both physically and mentally. It is the profound sense of awareness of your body and mind and their synchronization that fills you with an element of energy and vitality. This weekend, explore yourself by doing yoga and meditation and love your own company.

5. Learn to cook- Creating dishes out of kitchen ingredients gives you a sense of elation. Learn to cook if you haven’t tried earlier and see how your culinary creativity gives you a boost. If you are already adept at cooking, try new dishes and invite your friends over to enjoy your day. Self-cooked food is nutritious, healthy, and also a good way to save the money that you would have otherwise spent on eating out.


Matthew Davies Stockton feels that proper planning to spend your weekend is necessary to help you look forward to it. Be ready with the necessary preparations and enjoy the excitement associated with it. Spending time in a productive way is a lot beneficial and helps you prepare yourself better to handle work in the coming week.

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