Stephen Varanko Provides a Brief Insight On The Training Process of Navy SEALs

The Navy Seals are an incredibly vital and indispensable part of the United States defense.  They are the elite combatants that come under the robust military force structure of the United States of America. Stephen Varanko is among the many individuals who had enlisted for the US Navy. He underlines the fact that SEAL agents are generally expected to have the competency and capability to efficiently carry out specialized warfare operations in diverse environments, no matter it’s the land, air or sea.

Due to the great importance of the operations, they have to be a part of, all Navy SEAL recruits are required to undergo several months of highly rigorous and demanding training processes that are designed specifically to prepare them for the variety of challenges that they might come across in the future.

In the opinion of Stephen Varanko, all these recruits have to pass a number of difficult tests that not only challenges them physically, but also mentally.  Young and ambitious SEAL recruits are required to prove themselves to be absolutely capable enough to properly survive even the most perilous living conditions, as they might even be appointed to carry out specialized operations for fighting terrorism in the future.

Subsequent to the initial selection of aspiring Navy SEALs, these candidates are required to spend more about two years in rigorous training. Owing to the high pressure, complexity, and severity of the training process, more than half of the SEAL aspirants are not even able to complete the Phase One of their training.

Due to his dedication and hard work, Stephen Varanko, however, managed to become one of the very few candidates who completed their entire SEAL training.  Due to his personal experience, he would be one of the best candidates who talk about the various tasks and activities that are involved in such training processes.

He especially mentions the high level of severity involved in the tasks coming under the so-called “Hell Week” of the training. This task place on the fourth week of the phase 1 of the SEAL training, and goes on for about five to six weeks which equates roughly to more than 130 hours.

The various SEAL aspirants would be requiring to take part in multiple of exercises and trials in this week, and all these tasks are designed by experts specifically to properly test and evaluate both the mental strength and physical capacity of the candidates.

Throughout this entire task experience, the candidates have to be in almost constant motion. They even are kept in absolutely soaking wet and cold from their head to toe in this exercise to increase the complexity level of the tasks.  The candidates are additionally allowed only just a few hours of sleep before the completion of this week. Owing to the extreme nature and high severity of the task, participating in the Hell Week of the Navy SEAL training is voluntary for the candidates. 

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