Vijaya Prakash Boggala Talks About The Importance Of Creativity In Life

Creativity is considered to be the most dynamic, as well as free form method of self-expression. Being creative would be an ideal way to understand and reflect upon diverse experiences and feelings. Vijaya
Prakash Boggala
highlights the fact that the experiences that children have during their early years tend to significantly augment the development of their creative capacity.

When any layman thinks of the term creativity, they ideally have a frivolous activity in mind that can be done during leisure or think about any professional who works in a creative field, as an artist. However, it is important to understand that creativity should not be reserved only for creative professionals or for people who have a lot of free time. Creativity is meant for everyone, and it is essential for all as well.

Vijaya Prakash Boggala says that more creativity that people cultivate, the more benefit they would get to enjoy. In addition to benefiting a particular person, creativity can benefit society as a whole as well. For many creativity has been a life changing experience. There are numerous benefits to creativity, some of them being:

  • Freedom: There is no particular way to be
    creative, and there is no right or wrong way to express creativity either.
    As people create something, they get the chance to engage with the world
    without judging themselves. Creativity provides people with the chance to
    return to the feeling of freedom that they might have experienced during
    their childhood. Creativity also provides people with permission to try
    out new things and take risks, while stripping away their inhibitions in a
    healthy manner.
  • Self-awareness and Expression: Creativity is
    often referred to as the pathway to authenticity. As people begin to
    create they also start to access their very own beliefs, thoughts, and
    feelings.  As they tend to take
    energy and time to develop their own ideas, people also learn how to respect
    and trust their inner self, while gaining a better understanding of the
    working of their mind, This ultimately enables people to express
    themselves in a better manner.
  • Faith and confidence in the instincts: Vijaya Prakash Boggala
    mentions that when people create, they gradually start to value their own
    work. They even start to admire the work that is not published, displayed
    or presented to the public. They typically can learn to trust their instincts,
    while also gaining confidence from expressing them. The confidence they
    get from making creative decisions also resonates in other spheres of
  • Stress Relief:  For many being creative can be quite
    meditative. By taking the time to use their mind, hands, and energy in
    doing something that they enjoy. Creativity can be a lot of fun really
    exciting. It can significantly help people to reduce their stress level,
    and improve the quality of their life.

Everyone should try to engage in some type of creative activity to keep their mind productively engaged.

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