Rent your Bridal Dress and Save Some Costs

Do you know what every bride-to-be dreams off? To create the most spectacular wedding in the most spectacular designer bridal wedding dress. However, the main question arises when it’s time to acquire the wedding lehenga. Should you buy your bridal gown or rent it? While buying a bridal gown from a designer store is every girl’s dream, it is bound to leave a dent in your pocket. Furthermore, purchasing a lehenga comes with its guidance and responsibilities. So, why not just rent it?

But if you think about, we as millennial are always looking for ways to save a buck or two. And we’re fine with renting cars, homes, furniture and a lot of other things. So, why does renting a gown for your wedding sound like a bad idea? It is actually not a The reality about why brides should rent their gowns is that no one will look at you sideways for not buying your bridal gown. Many will applaud you for making such a wise choice, which will not only save you money but also allow you to look like a designer doll at your wedding.

  • Easy on your budget

If you think about it, what’s a better option? Spending more than a lakh on your designer bridal gown or spending just a few thousand bucks on your designer bridal gown? We know that as a bride, you’d love to dress yourself up in a high-end couture lehenga from the likes of Vera Wang and Alexandra McQueen. However, bridal gowns by such designers are never less than a couple of thousands dollars . And the price only keeps getting higher from there. When you rent a designer bridal dress, you get the opportunity to rock a designer piece in just a fraction of the cost. So, why not rent your bridal dress and not buying a one? This way you can also end up spending a good amount on wedding jewellery and those will serve as better assets that any piece of clothing.

  • A Practical Decision

Let’s face it; you are not going to wear that bridal gown again matching with your wedding jewellery .  You may restyle your bridal gown, but it will never step out from that dusty trunk under your bed! We’re a generation that easily gets bored with a particular design or move-on from its charm, even if it’s your bridal dress. Honestly, one may look at the designer piece as it will leave them feeling nostalgic, but that nostalgia will fade within seconds.

  • The Money Saved Can Be Utilised Somewhere Else

When you rent your bridal gown, you end up saving a lot of money, especially if you have kept a certain amount aside. So, whatever money you save, you can easily put it to good use in some other way. Maybe add an extra day to your honeymoon or choose a high-end decorator who will make your wedding look like a bomb. Maybe you could take your catering up a notch and the possibilities of using that money in someplace better are endless!