5 Reasons Why You Should Plan for a Virtual Wedding Ceremony during COVID

The wedding scene in India and around the world has undergone a sea change over the past few months due to the incidence of the coronavirus. An important factor driving this development is the increasing popularity of virtual weddings that is preferred by most couples nowadays. Couples are easily able to avail the virtual wedding services of technology led wedding portals like Wedding Wishlist at an affordable cost. These platforms offer to host a couple’s wedding live stream and are also able integrate the same to their gift registry page as well as an added advantage.

So what are the reasons that encourage couples to go virtual with their wedding? Let’s have a look.


Virtual weddings give the option of inviting any number of guests to attend your wedding ceremony digitally in real time by just accessing your free customized wedding website. Couples until recently were breaking their heads in deciding on an exclusive guest list with a minimal count so as to comply with the government restrictions on mass social gatherings. That is when going virtual with the weddings became a solution so that everyone involved is kept happy and makes for an enriching experience.

Socializing Parties

The virtual wedding concept will be very much similar to a pre-corona wedding event. The same pre-wedding functions and other socializing occasions for guests to interact & participate can be done digitally. The guests too can take part in these events from around the world from the comforts of their home without the need for actually making travel plans in these uncertain times. All it takes is a fool-proof digital infrastructure like a Camcorder and a wedding venue with good network coverage to make this a reality.

Cost Effective

The amount spent on opting for this type of wedding is very minimal as the only services charged will be the cost of hosting the live stream on the wedding website and the optional technical checks for a smooth uninterrupted stream. This will be a huge saving on the wedding costs when compared against the possible expenses incurred in the case of arrangements done for a more traditional wedding where guests feel the need to attend in-person all the ceremonies.

Gift Registry

Another advantage couple’s have by going virtual for their wedding is the free gift registry service that comes along with it. Guests attending a wedding virtually can bless and gift the couple something as their token of love from the couple’s gift registry page. The gift registry service provider will ensure that the purchased gifts reach the couple as per their gift delivery preferences.

Treasure Trove of Memories

A virtual wedding instantly captures a range of emotions which a couple and their guests go through with each wedding ceremony and makes it available for everyone’s viewing in real time. Recollecting the fond memories of that special day and accessing the digital stream readily available on the wedding website at each one’s own convenience is a definite advantage of going virtual.