How travel restrictions have helped companies utilise payroll outsourcing services in Pune

With the ongoing travel restrictions around India it is more imperative than ever to ensure that the rest of your business runs smoothly. So many companies in India depend on moving freely, whether that is internationally or domestically and so the halt on these flights have put a strain on many organisations. Everything is so up in the air right now when it comes to travel (or not so up in the air) companies have had more time, more time to strategically think about their businesses and how to save not only time, but improve their bottom line.

The travel restrictions have given business owners, employees and directors alike the chance to really be still and get a bird’s eye view of outdated processes that are no longer serving them. One of the most glaring issues is usually trying to run payroll in-house, the people in a company who are usually doing the most traveling are those who are the decision makers so now with them being ground to a halt they have had more time on the floor witnessing the everyday slog and mistakes that are incurred by running payroll in-house. 

When decision makers start paying attention to payroll mistaking and misgivings made by the employees who have been given the task of running payroll they quickly realise that outsourcing services in Pune and the rest of India is the best option to have a more accurate and cost effective payroll process in place. Leaving payroll to payroll experts automatically ensures that time is saved, legislation is complied with and fines are avoided.

Since March 25th international and domestic flights have been suspended because of the COVID-19 pandemic, since 25th May some domestic flights have been able to resume as usual, starting at 33% of the usual flights being taken, now it is up to 45% and is expected to be increased to up to 60% by November 2020. The ministry of Home Affairs issues new guidelines for international travel that came into effect on the 8th of August. Although the new laws supersede the guidelines that were put in place on the 24th of May they could still vary depending on how respective state governments decide to interpret and develop protocol around the isolation and quarantine guidelines, so it is recommended to check in with the latest guidelines to your specific destination. 

One aspect of the new guidelines is the self-declaration that has to be submitted and signed by every single person arriving into India from international travel. This declaration states that the traveller in question has agreed to the isolation period of 14 days, this includes 7 days of paid (at their own cost) institutional quarantine, this then can be followed by the remaining 7 days at home but they must agree to self-monitor their health. The only way that a traveller will be permitted to spend the entire 14 days at home is if they are pregnant, there has been a death in their family or if the traveller in question has a child of 10 years old or younger. But if the traveller has any of these grounds for exemption they must make sure that they apply for this via the porthole where you must make the declaration at least 72 hours before the flight. 

Travellers should also be aware that thermal screening will be mandatory upon arrival at the destination, carried out by health officials. Whilst on board all flights there are certain requirements that must be adhered to such as all passengers and all flight attendants and crew wearing masks for the entire duration of the flight. The other very important aspects of on-board travel include ensuring that you remain totally environmentally hygienic and keep your hands very clean at all times and more info

The only way that a traveller could become except from the 14 days of quarantine all together would be by submitting a negative RT-PCR test report when arriving at the destination. The test has to have been carried out at least 96 hours prior to the commencement of the journey, and then uploaded to the porthole for consideration of government officials, as well as physically with them upon entry to the airport in India. The passenger must also submit a declaration of authenticity and if the report is found to be otherwise then it will be seem as a criminal offense. 

So although travel restrictions are starting to loosens lightly, it is still no walk in the park and moving freely for a 3 day business trip is still going to be a huge undertaking. If you are a company who has struggled with the downsides of travel restrictions, make the most of your time at your headquarters, reassess your processes and utilise payroll outsourcing services in Pune or wherever your headquarters are in India. 

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