How is the Frontier Airlines for new air travelers

New Travellers should have prior knowledge about Frontier Airlines to enjoy a smooth travelling experience. New travellers may be unfamiliar with the Frontier rules and regulations but if they check the information for a savvy travel. Passengers should have a clear insight about the boarding, check-in and luggage. Frontier is friendly and convenient for new travellers. Here we are sharing some more information in details for new travellers who are travelling with Frontier Airlines.

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Connectivity to Multiple routes

Frontier was significantly more affordable to go to multiple locations. Frontier could be expensive also in some manners as here you need to pay for some basic facilities as well. Such as extra luggage, preferred seats etc. In theory, Frontier is one of the safest and greenest low-cost airlines in the United States. Find out more about its benefits and drawbacks, including the absence of onboard facilities, stringent luggage regulations, and constrained route alternatives. 

Frontier Baggage Extra Charges

Please be aware that the following fees will apply to checked luggage that exceed the allotted limits:

It may charge you $75 for extra 63–110 linear inches in linear.
It will charge you $75 to $100 for weighing 41 to 50 pounds, $100 for bags carrying 51 to 100 pounds.
No luggage larger than 110 linear inches or weighing more than 100 pounds will be accepted at all.

Frontier Seat Assignment

Frontier Airlines aircraft are divided into just two seat groups. Depending on the aircraft and where they are located, the pitch of standard seats will be different from 28 to 31 inches, while that of stretch seats ranges from 36 to 38 inches. 

Remember that most American airlines have a normal pitch of thirty to thirty-one inches, so these seats may seem a little tighter than you’re used to. Moreover, take notice that although standard seats do not recline, stretch seats do. 

Additionally, there won’t be any free snacks or drinks, but you may buy a variety of canapés and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks aboard the aircraft. A complimentary cup of water is technically yours, but you’ll need to ask a flight attendant for it.

Customer Care and Ground Staff Assistance for Frontier Passengers

Frontier Customer Care is always available to help the passengers for their queries and doubts. Apart from that new travellers can also get guidance from the Frontier executive who are on ground staff, they will guide you and assist you if you have any doubt related to the Frontier Flight or anything related to your journey with Frontier Airlines.


There aren’t many facilities on board due to Frontier’s a la carte business approach. There aren’t any TVs or Wi-Fi available, so pack a book or magazine or download your preferred TV series and films to your own device before you take out. No radio, no TV, and no WiFi. To keep yourself entertained, download your favorite music, movies, and games to your phone beforehand. If not, you’ll become rather bored.

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