University of Phoenix Offers ABCs of Job Search

University of Phoenix knows that a job search can be a stressful and confusing time. That’s why the leading adult education university is offering helpful tips for job seekers that are as clear as A-B-C.

Too many job seekers take a blind, panicked approach to looking for a new job, but this does not need to be the case. Instead, consider setting clear goals and planning your job search to focus on foundational elements that identify targets and build a professional network.

Analyze Your Target

Do not start a job search without thinking through what you want for an exact outcome. Knowing that you want to do something different in itself is not enough. Instead, consider what, where and for whom you want to do that work.

A good place to start is answering the following:

  • Geography: Where do you want to be working?
  • Industries: What sectors interest you?
  • Companies: What companies are located in those locations and in those industries?
  • Occupation: What kind of work do you want to do? Is it something similar to what you are doing now or completely different?
  • Job Titles: What jobs match your skill sets and preferences?

This targeted analysis lets you fine tune specifics of your job search, allowing you to focus on organizations and roles as opposed to applying for whatever is open.

Be Strategic

There’s a common approach to job searches that often leads to lots of work and few successful results. It goes something like this: look at job listings, revise a resume, apply for jobs and wait for someone to contact you.

This is a very passive approach that in today’s job market will not often yield fruitful outcomes. Instead, you should be strategic in what you look for and how you gain information.

Start by making a list of at least 10 companies to target in your search. Next, look for people instead of job listings. Use your existing network and take advantage of networking sites like LinkedIn to make a list of contacts at each of those 10 companies.

Reach out to those contacts and ask for a brief conversation, whether a phone call or a Zoom connection. This time is a great opportunity to learn about an organization and its culture, what it’s like to work there or do a particular job, challenges faced and opportunities.

This strategic networking helps you understand more and gives you a larger group of resources to draw on as you pursue specific jobs in the company.

Cultivate Your Network

Your network is the best way to build professional relationships, so be sure to show interest, listen well and thank them for their time. Leverage the network by asking them to help you with jobs you have seen advertised and ask them to keep you in mind as they learn about new positions. Networking is a great way to demonstrate your interest and to tout the skills and talents you have to help employers meet their goals.

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