Types of kurtas you can buy

A kurta is a piece of garment that you can wear during summer. It is usually made from cotton. Most kurtas have two types – long kurtas and short kurtas. They look like the Indian version of shirts. The only difference is that kurtas are more design and color oriented. Whereas shirts have a more formal tone and feel to them. 

This article’sprimary focus will be too derisive about the different types of kurtas you can buy and the benefits of wearing a kurta.

Benefits of wearing kurtas

Light on the body – Many women prefer to wear kurtas during summer as they are easy to handle. You can buy kurta sets with dupattas

from any store and feel light. Most kurtas are made from good quality and lightweight material. Due to this, they have a high ability to soak up sweat and keep your body cool. These are also made of light colors to reflect the sun’s heat. As you know, light colors like white, pink, and yellow are light reflective and don’t absorb the sun’s rays.

Adaptable to any occasion – Another benefit of wearing a kurta is its flexibility. You can wear them on any occasion. You can wear it to your office because of its formal yet comfortable style. One can wear kurtas during a festive event like Holi. It is even on the list of home wear and daily wear. You can put in a kurta and then go shopping and many more. The list goes on and on. Plus, it is a unisex style, men and women can wear kurtas. So, there is no gender limitation to that as well. 

Types of kurtas you can buy

Classic printed kurtas – As the name is – are printed with beautiful prints and are readily available in stores. These types are a go-to fashion choice if you prefer a minimalistic outlook. Printed kurtas are less costly thanthreadwork kurtas. And are damage proof. You can easily wash them and don’t have to worry about bleach etc. 

Cotton kurtas – Cotton kurtas are the most comfortable kurtas you can ever find. They are, again,straightforward to maintain. They are the best option during trips as they don’t take up much space in your travel bag. Most cotton kurtas are lightweight, even lighter than cotton shirts. If you pack a cotton shirt, they will have fold marks, but kurtas need fold marks. So it will not ruin your presentation with creased lines. You can buy a cotton kurta for women from any shop.

Trendy kurtas – These types are different from the above types. As you can buy them for festivals, parties, and occasions. These kurtas have bold colors- like gaudy red, marine blue, lush green, and gold. They even have embroidered styles. Have you ever heard of a silk or a chiffon kurta? They are in this category. 

Their exquisite designs are a complete fit for any family or outside function.

After going on through these choices above, what kurta will you buy?