Track life quality by misu smart phone app

Modern life utilizes lot of statistical data to track our quality of living. For an example, we track our fitness details based on how much distance we walk. The same way we monitor our health based on how much amount of calories we take every day. Similar way, we can measure our quality of life by knowing our psychological ups and downs pattern at different timelines. By knowing the individuals mood pattern, one can describe how one lived during the timeline. Everybody expects to have happiest moment throughout the day. But, depression in work place or during project submission or end of project release is very difficult to manage. To handle the different situation, one has to have stable behaviour. In order to track your behaviour ups and downs for a particular time line is easy today by using the smart phone apps.

What is mood tracker?

In the smart phone platform, we can monitor our mood for daily basis or month even for a year is possible. You can find many mood tracking apps in the online market. Some of them coming with wearable which measures the mood by using some sensors which measures the individuals blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, etc,. Some mood tracking apps allow the individuals to rate the mood from one to five and provide a statistical data for creating a mood diary. Some of the recent apps are available for individuals to describe their by words, by symbols, colours etc,.

Why do you need mood tracker app?

 The details you collect through mood tracker app improve the quality of life by knowing oneself how one handled particular situation. If you are depressed by any reason, you understand how much time it takes to come to normal behaviour. By knowing how you managed the depression aids in facing similar situation in future. This is mainly to know about oneself or monitoring yourself by third party apps. Mostly people prefer to have automatic monitor without any wearable or individual reports at time intervals. During our work or hectic time we forget to enter the data. Sometimes we don’t carry the wearable.

How misu app works?

Using the misu app, you can easily create the mood pattern or mood diary which comes with no wearable or data entry. Misu mood tracker app runs the camera at the background and calculate the mood rate from one to hundred. The advantage is that this app never stores any images in the server and deletes the image once it calculates the mood behaviour. This app calculates the mood behaviour by monitoring the eye. The rating is based on the eye widening and shorting during the day. You must understand that the purpose of mood tracker is to have most happiness and least anxiety.


You must understand that these smart phone apps are not intended to replace the tools used for psychological treatment. But you can disclose the data to health professionals to improve the psychotherapy treatment.