The Necessity of Using Copper Nails For Roofing

When it comes to the roofing of the house, one cannot think of taking any chances. The shelter above your head needs to be secured to keep your family members out of harm’s way. That is why experts in roofing are of the opinion that any small issues with the roof should not be left unattended for long. Whether it is a missing tile, or leaks, it should be mended fast, and for that, you need to get high-quality copper nails. Copper nails for roofing is a wise choice. There are other nail varieties available, but when it comes to roofing, copper nails are the best for some obvious reasons.

Experts in roofing are of the opinion that there are two kinds that are widely in use. These are Copper clout nails and annular ring clout nails. These two kinds are widely used for roofing tiles and slates. They are available in various sizes as every roofing requirement is different. While many homeowners use galvanized nails too, they are not often a popular choice for roofing. The experts in roofing offer the following reasons why galvanized nails are not a popular choice: 

  • According to building regulations, galvanized nails are not apt for slate roofing
  • Copper nails can be easily pulled out while replacing a broken slate
  • Galvanized nails can get destroyed by pollution
  • Galvanized nails can corrode faster that can result in the slates slipping off the roof
  • The strength of the galvanized nails can be compromised while hammering it in the roof

While for these reasons galvanized nails are not commonly picked, many homeowners are not always keen on picking copper nails for the cost. That is where they go wrong. In the long run, copper nails for roofing can far outweigh the costs. Building roof slates with copper flashing held together by copper nails lasts longer than galvanized or any other ordinary nails. The repairs and maintenance costs are substantially brought down to a great extent. This helps in making savings.

The durability and anti-corrosion nature of the copper nails are yet significant reasons for its popularity. Copper nails for roofing is less prone to rust, and that is why they find its wide application for various roofing needs and sheet metal applications. Homeowners can also rely on copper nails for outdoor projects as well as ACQ treated lumber.

Homeowners looking for nails for specific requirements of the roof and slating can also choose rink shank nails for superior holding power. Thanks to their annular threading, the rink shank nails have a high pullout resistance when compared to the smoother shank nails. Again, if you are opting for solid copper nails, then go for those which are diamond pointed. This helps in easy insertion while drilling or hammering them into metal sheets.

High quality copper nails are a popular choice for all roofing needs. Apart from roofing jobs, copper nails finds its use in other construction jobs like clay and cement roofing, copper gutters or eaves and plywood roof decks, installation of insulation panels and roof shingles and more. 

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