The best fantasy game-Kabaddi fantasy league

One of the best fantasy sports portals in this sector is One can use the sports knowledge in this portal to earn some real cash prizes, cash backs and various other kinds of bonuses. This is a hundred per cent secure and legal platforms that help the users to avail a number of benefits sides by side enjoying the game. In case one wants to earn cash in the part-time then this is the right place to earn some cash and enjoy side-by-side.

 The portal also gives daily updates, probable playing 11, News about the games and other news about the players as well to all of its consumers. It welcomes the users to the world of fantasy sports with Rs.5 555 cash bonus into their account. When one logs into this one will get Rs.10 on email verification, Rs.20 on mobile verification And Rs.5 555 cashback on the first deposit. For all the new users who are interested in playing the fantasy kabaddi, following are some of the steps that need to be followed:

 1. The new user who wants to play the game for the first time needs to create an account on this website and then one needs to register and log in.

 2. After the login process has been done, one needs to select the match and then one has to click on the join now option to start the playing of the match.

 3. After the match has been selected, one needs to select the team of nine players. In kabaddi, this team will consist of an all-rounder, defenders and raiders. There must be 2 to 3 raiders, 3 to 5 defenders and 2 to 3 all-rounders in the team. One needs to use the virtual budget of 1000 gems to build a team of nine players in that particular match.

 4. After the team of nine players has been created then one has to select the star player of the team who will be the captain. It is very important to select the star player, captain and the 2Z factors to win a high real cash prize. There are different points for the star player which is 2X points, the captain will get 1.5 X points and the Z factors will get 0.5 X points. It is very much important to choose such players so that one can earn high.

 5. After the team has been built, the star player has been selected, the next up is to join the pot which is paid of Rs.25 from the bonus cash.

 6. after all the above-mentioned steps have been done the fantasy team will start running points one is the live match starts. Points will be earned based on the actual performance of the star player and other players of the team. The winners, rankings and the final points of the team will be declared at the end of the match.

 Selecting the all-rounders: There can be a minimum two and maximum of three all-rounders in a team. The selection will depend upon the match and the main players. There will also be an influence of the previous records of the players on the selection process. One must go with proper planning and strategy so that one earns well and scores more points. One must select the all-rounders from the team which is performing well and the rest of the players from other teams.

 Selecting the defenders: People need to have a minimum three and maximum of five defenders in a team. Their selection will depend upon the actual matches attacking line-up. If the line-up will be strong then one must select few defenders and in case it is not so strong that one can go with more defenders. One must go with proper planning so that there is no sacrifice to the points. People must speak to defenders from which team and one must not depend on a single thing. Following also steps will help to earn and score well.

 Selection of raiders: a team must consist of a minimum two and maximum of three raiders. One must select the person only after properly checking his background from the form. One must also make sure that the raiders are the captain or the star players of the team.

 Selecting the star players, captain and Z factor: It is very much important to select the star player and other players so that one can earn well. The star player must be a raider as they usually score more points in a match. One must avoid selecting defenders as the star players of the team. One must keep in mind that in case both of the teams have best raid players then one can select the attackers as star player and the captain and one must never select the star and captain player from the same team as there are very fewer chances that both will perform up to the mark from the same team. In case one is not sure about the performance of the player in the match then one can mark that particular player as Z factor as the points will be reduced to half which the score in the actual match.

 The scoring pattern: the scoring pattern for attacking is that every player one touches will get two points and for crossing bonus line one will get one bonus point. One gets two points per super raid. The scoring pattern of defending is for every tackle one gets four points and for every personal particle one gets six points. In case anyone receives the green card, red card or yellow card then the points will be deducted for all the cards which have been deceived by the team. The winning bonus will be given to the player of the winning team and in case of a tie, no bonus is given. If the card is awarded to a complete team then there will be no reduction in the points of the players.

 Kabaddi fantasy league is considered to be one of the best games from the house of according to the users.

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