Shooting – Tips for Shooting Safely

Shooting is a regulated practice, but it has a series of laws, rules and precautions that must be complied with in order for the activity to be carried out within the legal framework. Thus ensuring a responsible and safe practice.

The athlete

The athlete must have knowledge of the related sports inspection agency. In the department there is a law that regulates the inspections of war products in the country. For the regulation of sports practice, the Shooter Registration Certificate is requested, therefore, it is important to stay within the law and practice the activity responsibly.

Safety and responsibility

In addition there are a number of precautions that the sniper must take when handling a weapon. Safety is essential for the realization of the sport. When it comes to playing sports, do not be under the influence of substances that reduce your perception capacity, such as alcohol, illicit drugs and medications. And always use goggles and ear muffs when shooting.The AK47 magazine loader is also another additional accessory for sports shooting. Other accessories include AR-15 uppers, scope, and rifle kits for
those long range

It is important to remember that your weapon should be aimed (loaded or not) only at where you intend to shoot, and should be targets that offer security. Firing zones must be capable of receiving the impacts of firing with maximum security. For example, avoid shooting flat and hard surfaces, as the bullets can bounce and injure yourself. Also avoid when the weapon is wielded, aim at any part of your body or people around you, just aim at the target.

How to face your firearm

The firearm must always be treated as if it were loaded, always check that the ammunition matches the size and caliber of the weapon and only use reloaded ammunition made by someone specialized, and that follows the safety rules, in this case, your firearm club.

In addition, it is important before using it to obtain information from the instructors on how to handle it. Do not receive a gun with the barrel pointed in your direction and always unload it aiming in a safe direction when handing it over to someone. If you need to clean it, make sure that it is actually discharged.

Never leave a weapon carelessly, preventing it from being in the reach of people who do not know how to shoot and never test the weapon’s safety locks by pressing the trigger button. In the case of a “deny fire” weapon, wait a few seconds with it pointed at the target.

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