Quantity or Quality. How to Balance a Content Strategy for SEO?

If you’re someone who creates content, you would know the fabled arguments people have over quality and quantity. For the purpose of specificity, we will focus solely on blog content in this article.

When someone starts a blog, the question of quality and quantity comes up. Writers are known for saying that the creation of quality content is only possible if there is no expectation of quantity. In other words, quality and quantity are inversely proportional. One can expect quality content only if the need for a certain quantity is sacrificed.

However, many marketers don’t buy this premise, atleast not to the point writers use it. Ask SEOs about quality and quantity and they would tell you stories about how writers endlessly delayed submitting content in the name of quality. To make matters worse, content submitted after a long time wasn’t really special enough to warrant such long delays.

These anecdotes are a part of digital marketing. If you have worked in this space for a long time, you have probably heard them before.

We often hear only the extremes of an argument when people talk about quality and quantity. In truth, the reality is somewhere in between.

The Balance Between Quality and Quantity

If you’re running a blog in a competitive niche, you need to regularly publish content. There are no two ways about it. In a niche like travel, the top blogs in the space publish more than 100-200 blog posts every week. This is how much content is needed to stay competitive and gain a lion share of the traffic.

No matter how high-quality a blog post might be, there has to be a limit to the time a writer can take to write content. At some point, quality has to be sacrificed a little in favor of quantity. When you start a new blog, you cannot afford to take one-month breaks in publishing new content. You need to keep posting all the time in order to get the attention of Google. Go to any digital marketing institute and expert trainers would tell you the same.

A balance is necessary.

How Does This Reflect in the Content Strategy?

A content strategy is supposed to guide the topics covered by writers and the frequency at which the content is posted.

Depending on the niche which the website is covering, a content strategy must convey the volume of content that needs to be published. This number should be taken into account keeping in mind the quality of the content as well. Setting a target of publishing too much content would mean the quality of content suffering a lot. A content strategy is supposed to help in this regard and strike a balance. 

In Conclusion

Quality and quantity are often seen as two ends on a large spectrum. This conventional thinking leads to many SEOs wrongly choosing one extreme over another. In this article, we covered how these two attributes can be balanced.

About the Author- Kishan Kumar is a content strategist and blogger with a decade of experience as a writer. He currently works as a consultant and writer for Delhi Courses, one of the institutes known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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