Prioritize your mental health in the lockdown with the best practices

For combating the COVID 19 pandemic as the lockdown started all across the world, our lives somehow seemed to come and stop at a stagnant phase. This change in lifestyle where we are not allowed to step out, work from home, and spend every hour indoors can be a bit struggling for many people. People who are struggling with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, anger issues can find this time extremely difficult.

Living in your house while the world fights against a pandemic might sound like a privilege, but this privilege is sort of a curse for people who are dealing with mental health issues. But with some small calming practices, these issues can be kept under control to a huge extent.

Here are some basic yet impactful things you can do to keep yourself calm and combat your mental health issues.

Catch up with people who are important to you.

Staying indoors should never stop you from connecting with your loved ones in this era of technological advancement. Make a routine to contact your old friends, partner, family, or whoever is meaningful to you. You can call them up, or video call and spend at least 2 hours talking and mostly sharing what you feel. This can help you feel better if you are having depression, anxiety, or in general, any problems that are taking a toll on your mental health. Even if you are feeling lazy, make sure you talk to someone at the end of the day and vent out all your emotions.

Meditate or opt for physical and mental therapy.

Meditation is not an easy task; it is extremely difficult to keep your mind in one place and not think about anything else. And this is the perfect time when you can start practicing that. Early in the morning or anytime when there is no hustle around, try to meditate for an hour. This will undoubtedly help you combat your mental issues peacefully. Early morning meditation is extremely helpful to detoxify your soul and make you ready for the rest of the day. Or you can opt for therapy as well; you can take up online sessions of mental therapy or opt for physical therapies like chiropractic therapy, it is an amazing technique to boost your health and also relax your body muscles and reduce blood pressure thereby reducing stress as well.


Somewhere following the everyday hustle of our lives, we forget to do the small things that help us, like reading. This lockdown period is the perfect time when you can start doing that. Reading does not mean you have to open a book and stay into it. For a good start, you can spend time reading blogs talking about self-care.

Do not get into fights.

It is an inevitable fact that when a lot of people exist in the same place, there will be some clashes. The same thing is happening in every household in this lockdown as well. Your priority is your mental health; hence you need to do whatever it takes to keep it better and, hence, never get involved in petty arguments or fights with your family members or partners or anybody else. This way, you will keep yourself distant from any hassle. You can maintain a journal where you can write down everything you wanted to tell a person while arguing or fighting instead of telling them that and elevating a fight.

Mental health is something that you need to prioritize first because if your mind is calm and in peace, your body will immediately respond to it in a good way. Hence follow these small practices and keep your mind and body in peace in this pandemic situation.

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