Michael Saltzstein – Boost Business Growth with The Right Employee Motivation

Being a business owner means you are motivated to do the best for your company; however, does the same hold true for your employees too? Have you ever considered this question when it comes to boosting business growth and development? Research says that most business owners often fail to motivate their employees to improve productivity and success. This is why they fail to take their businesses to the next level. Experts in the field say employees are an integral pillar of your business, and if you really want to take your business to the next levels, it is high time you learn some employee motivational tips for success.

Michael Saltzstein – Getting your employees to do more

Michael Saltzstein is an esteemed name in the field of risk management and corporate insurance in the USA. He has expertise in the field of crisis leadership, strategic alignment, coverage evaluation, workers’ compensation, and other key strategies for the development and growth of a business.

 He is a volunteer in many services and currently serves as the Local General Chairman and Local Safety Chairman for USA Swimming, Chairman for Risk Management Task Force, Local Officials Chairman and has been an active volunteer for three decades.  He says there are several business owners that despite using incentives fail to invoke a positive response in their employees to boost productivity. The motivation quotient is low, and morale is almost zero to little. 

He says that though incentives still work, the following strategies can be implemented in the organization to boost the employee motivation-

  • Inform your employees that you trust them- Most business owners fail to make use of this simple yet powerful trick. The moment you tell your employees you trust them; you will find an improved boost in the motivation to produce more for your company. Here, you will find that once your employees believe you trust them, they will rarely disappoint you.
  • Reduce goals to smaller weekly ones- Though you have big dreams about your company, your employees might not be able to fit into them. This is why in order to accommodate your employees in your organization’s progress, you should set weekly and small goals that your employees will find easier to accomplish and stay inspired. Just make sure that the goals you set are realistic, and everyone in the company gets the benefits of working hard.
  • Radiate positive energy- Make sure you are their business leader who pumps positive energy into your employees, the moment you walk in. Your presence should inspire your employees. Being a good team player and listener helps you to gain their confidence. Take their feedback seriously and innovate as much as possible with their help so that you can infuse better business practices and processes in your organization with success.

As per Michael Saltzstein, when it comes to employee motivation, ensure you keep the above strategies in mind and incorporate them into your company to attain positive results. With a boost in employee motivation, your company surely will accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge in the market with success!

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