How To Have A Fantastic Coats, Stoles With Minimal Spending.

Coats, stoles and fur accessories are expensive and difficult to replace. This type of material wears out easily over time, so to avoid damage, it is important to store items properly. A dark place with low humidity is ideal. Avoid placing the fur coat stuffed with other parts in the closet and avoid using plastic packaging to store it. For a better result, and if it is an affordable alternative for you, look for professionals who offer the storage service. I was searching for some fur coats and I came across Aria Moda.

Method 1:Choosing a place to store your coat

  • Choose a dark space. Fur coats should not be exposed to sunlight. The best place to accommodate the item is a dark place, like the closet.
  • Choose a location that does not receive direct light. A cabinet next to the window may not be the most suitable. Prefer to store the item in a cupboard near the corridor, away from the light.
  • Prefer a more airy place. The conservation of skins is better in milder temperatures. Choose the coldest place in the house, like the closet next to the air conditioner, for example.
  • Pay attention to this detail of keeping your coat in a cool place, especially during the summer.
  • Avoid damp places. Moisture can damage the material. Many people usually keep fur coats in completely closed and damp environments, and the pieces end up spoiling.
  • One idea is to keep an air dehumidifier in the room, especially in the most humid regions.
  • Avoid storing fur coats in cedar wood cabinets, and do not use mothballs. Both cedar wood and mothballs can dramatically increase the humidity in the space, which can cause damage to the fur coat. What’s more, the piece easily absorbs odors from these materials, which can take a long time to come out.

Method 2: Storing the coat safely

  • Choose the right hanger. The way you hang the piece makes all the difference, and the wrong hanger type can even ruin your coat. To support the weight, prefer a wider support.
  • You can easily find this type of product in furniture stores and home supplies.
  • Place the coat in a fabric packaging. Plastic packaging is not suitable for clothing and skin accessories because it dries out the material. Prefer a large fabric wrap.
  • In most stores that sell fur coats, you can also find the fabric packaging to store the garment.
  • If you can’t find it in any physical store, do a search on the internet.
  • Do not leave the pieces in the closet. A fur coat should never be stored with other items heaped on top, it must be kept in a safe place. If you do not have space for the piece, look elsewhere.