How to define if civil liberty is at stake with the use of surveillance systems

The face recognition attendance system has been adopted by a few companies around the world while the rest are still wondering about its effectiveness. The potential of the video surveillance solution provider was proven at the Boston Marathon bombing where the two suspects were identified in record time. This is most likely to promote the use of such surveillance systems around major cities. But many people fear their usage on the grounds of an invasion of their privacy. While these debates on privacy over safety are on-going, here are a few guidelines that one needs to consider.

Responsible usage of surveillance systems

Just like the ease of use of the face recognition attendance system, the use of cameras needs to be responsible while being effective. Law enforcement may use a suitable video surveillance solution provider after considering all privacy issues. For one, these cameras may avoid or mask inappropriate viewing of private areas like backyards. The legal system should also document and publicize these policies that govern the usage of these cameras and assign suitable disciplinary action towards its misuse. Law enforcement also shall need proper training to use these policies and be able to abide by them.

Cost-effective method

Just like the face recognition attendance system saves money in the long run, the video surveillance systems can provide an easy way to document and reduce crime. A suitable video surveillance solution provider after studying the environment can provide cameras of different resolutions as per the area. This will reduce the cost of implementation and reduce crime beyond the camera coverage as well. But one needs to remember that these implementations provide cost-savings only in the long run while crime reduction is almost an immediate effect.


Any use of technology whether the face recognition attendance system or the video surveillance systems is dependent upon the resources that are put into them. Law enforcement shall need to work in tandem with a video surveillance solution provider to identify the most effective system and train their personnel. Also, we need to be aware that as technological advances enhance our ability to cover public spaces, it will also help prevent crime, and apprehend criminals. But such usage of technology needs to take into account that no civil liberty laws are tampered with or diluted in any manner.