How do the Boob Implants help to get perfect breast size?

Boob Implants or Breast Implants are artificial packets filled with either saline water or silicone gel which mimic human breast tissue’s touch and feel.  They are inserted under women’s breast to enhance the shape and size of existing boobs.

Breast implants or breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery opted for women nowadays. Women would want breast implants if they have shorter than average breasts due to genetics, birth defects, and trauma or have them removed due to a disease like breast cancer. Then many women would like to have bigger breasts to feel and look more attractive and youthful. It’s natural for men to be mesmerized by an attractive cleavage and women who carry them gracefully.

Women with a pair of fuller, youthful and firm breasts have higher chances of promotion in office, attract better mates and attract more attention and trust in public gatherings.

There are many kinds of boob implants but the most common ones are saline and silicone implants with their variants which are explained below.

Saline Implants: – Saline Implants are filled with salt water and are considered safe and recommended to 18 years girls and older in the US. Earlier Saline Implants were more prevalent since Silicone Implants had many serious risks and side effects but now 90 percent of women opt for silicone implants. The benefit of saline implants is that in case there is a rupture or leakage, the salt water dissolves inside the body and excreted by natural means but the implant deflates and the patient has to opt for a re-surgery to get the same look while she was carrying implants. However there is no risk as human body is made of 70 percent water thus there is no risk if the implant tears or ruptures due to an accident.

Saline Implants also come with structures nowadays to provide better stability and smooth touch and feel just like human breast tissue. Major drawbacks of Saline Implants is that firstly they deflate immediately once there is a leakage or rupture thus leaving the customer no choice but to spend money on re-surgery and go through the process once again. Secondly, they are suitable for minor breast enhancement only due to their structure and weight. Women can’t expect a large increment in size or a variety of shapes in saline implants and have to compromise in that area when opting for saline implants.

Silicone Implants:- Silicone Implants are more popular and chosen by 90 percent of women as compared to saline implants. Their benefits are that the silicone gel filled inside these implants is light weight but give a touch and feel of real human breast tissue. Secondly, they don’t deflate in case there is a rupture or leakage as the gel holds onto its structure and pocket which can be later detected through MRI Scan. Silicone Implants also have longer life span and come in variety of shapes and sizes. Most Women who are looking for bigger cup sizes or round shape would go for silicone breast implants only.