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Do you face the daily ordeal of standing in front of your closet filled with clothes with the thought you have nothing to wear? Well, the good news is you are not alone. Research shows several people face a challenge in deciding what to wear early in the morning daily. They just cannot figure out how to put an outfit together. Others just get dressed and do not realize that what they wear is actually an extension of themselves. Fashion creates your personal statement, and it makes sense to be aware if you really want to create the right impressions wherever you go.

Discover how to choose your outfits @bvictoriaangel

Victoria Barbara is a fashion blogger from New York known for her high-end and street style fashion. She says that when it comes to dressing up in the morning, most men and women fumble. She shares daily style tips @bvictoriaangel and says that when it comes to dressing up, you just need to keep the following basic rules in mind-

  1. When it comes to dressing up, everyone likes to flaunt their positive side. For instance, you might have well-toned arms and a slim waist. However, at the same time, you might have big hips or fat legs. The key here is to hide the imperfections and focus on the parts you wish to highlight. Like, if you are pear-shaped and wish to shift attention from your lower body, wear a scarf around your neck so that you can draw attention there and do not wear anything that is too oversized and big.
  • When you are choosing outfits, make sure they complement your looks. Take the cropped top, for instance, if you are on the older side, you can sport a nice crop top with a long shirt tied at the navel and team it up with a high waist skirt- you will get a similar look. You can even sport a longer shirt and wear a crop top over it for creating a stunning appeal. The trick here is to wear outfits that make you look comfortable for your age. Do not attempt to sport outfits for the young in order to knock off some years- this experiment will fail miserably.
  • One mistake that women make is choosing the right bra for the outfit. If you want a slimmer silhouette, you should choose the appropriate bra that fits well with no gapping and bulging. The perfect bra will hold your breasts midway between the elbows and the shoulder. The right bra will always lay flat and not hike or bulge up. You can just squeeze two fingers under the band of the bra, and if it still sits snugly, you have made the right choice.

Victoria Barbara suggests that you should not focus on matching everything. She has shared tips for pairing outfits with the right accessories @bvictoriaangel. She recommends you should diversify accessories with your outfits and follow opposite colors to create the perfect blend.

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