Explain the Difference Between Virtual Numbers & IVR Numbers


Virtual numbers are used by businesses to route incoming calls to preferred agents or departments. Virtual call center solution is used for local as well as international markets by a business. It acts as a bridge of easy communication between the business and the customers. Virtual call center solutions make it easier for a business to establish its branding. 

On the other hand, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) number solution is a cloud-based technology that allows a business to automatically respond to customer interactions. It is used for both, inbound and outbound calls. Every call can be answered through pre-recorded voice messages and text-to-speech technology. It works based on the DTMF input entered by the customer. 

However, virtual call center solutions can be integrated with IVR solutions which can be more beneficial for a business. It can be used in many ways to extract the best from the market while offering the maximum for efficient service delivery. 

The Difference Between Virtual Numbers  & IVR Numbers

1. Virtual numbers are the contact numbers through which a business can be reached. It connects the business to the customer base. Virtual call center solutions can act as a point of contact for a business. It is used in different social platforms that offer easy accessibility to the business. It directly connects the customers to the business agents. 

On the other hand, IVR numbers allow a business to directly connect with the business through automated responses. It works based on the DTMF input entered by the customer. Thus, offering freedom to choose the mode of response. A customer can connect with the business without the help of any live agent. 

2. Virtual numbers cannot be customized as the options are limited. Many features help a business with maximum operational efficiency. Virtual call center solutions can be integrated with different cloud communication solutions. It can be integrated with missed call solutions, toll-free number solutions, IVR, number masking, etc.

However, the IVR menu can be customized as per the need of the business. The IVR menu of the IVR number solution can be updated from time to time. Customization helps a business to offer accurate and efficient services. IVR menu is precisely customized to offer maximum customer satisfaction; reduce agents’ workload and improve productivity. 

3. Virtual numbers can be responded to through live agents or pre-recorded messages. On the other hand, IVR numbers are responded to through pre-recorded messages. Once the customer chooses from the IVR menu, the call can be transferred to a live agent or a specific department. IVR numbers offer options to a customer to avail services with or without any help from the agent which is not available in the case of virtual numbers. 

4. Virtual call center solutions are a singular number with different features. The virtual super receptionist offers all call logs and recordings in a single platform. It allows monitoring of all scheduled and missed calls. It allows managing all business contact on a single screen. 

On the contrary, there are two types of IVR numbers- single-level IVR and multi-level IVR. In single-level IVR, the calls are answered with pre-recorded greetings or messages. Whereas, a multi-level IVR offers a hierarchical structure that has the capability of resolving customer queries through expanded options. 

Both, virtual number solutions and IVR number solutions are specific to customer service delivery. But integrating both makes a stronger tool for seamless and quality customer delivery. Both solutions share a lot of common features that add more value to the integration. Businesses of any industry can use virtual number and IVR number solutions. 


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