Convert your indoor bounce house into a fun zone

Are you bored with your old bounce house? Are your children bored with leaping in the same old bouncy house? Well then, there is no need to be bored anymore, rework on your indoor jump house right into an amusing zone for your youngsters. In this article, we will help you with some amazing ideas that not only your kids will have a blast, and also with these ideas, you can convert an indoor bounce house into an exciting commercial bounce house.

Ball Pit Bounce House

Convert your jump house into a colorful ball pit with the help of using a lot of various color balls into it. This is the appropriate and financially stable manner to convert the old jump house into an unusual and exciting commercial bounce house. Kids will want to dive right into a ball pit, splash into it. Also, they will love playing various games on it, and the best one is ‘hide and seek’.  A lot of other games and stuff can be done with the ball pit jump house plus you don’t have to worry about kids playing with the balls as these balls are harmless and specially made for kids to play with.

Jump House pool

Kids like to play inside the Water slide jump house. What in case you don’t have one? Don’t fear you could make your own water slide jump house. This is the most amusing concept for a commercial bounce house that your children and their young pals are going to love. After all, kids love to jump in the jump house and love to play with water. So don’t you think combining both is a bonus idea for kids? Convert the jump house right into a mini inflatable pool. All you have to do is fill up the pit of the jump house with water and let your kids revel in it. You can add some of the favorite toys of your kids into the water. You can throw a mini pool party and invite some more kids. Also, the pool is safe for your kids as the pit of the bounce house is not deep enough.

Rainbow celebration House

The way you added colorful balls into the jump house, you can add some more exciting colorful elements to it to make it a colorful theme party. You can add a lot of various toys of a different color, party streamers, and poppers, colorful balloons, make the kids wear colorful hats, etc

You can put some candies in the pit of the commercial bounce house along with the colorful balls so that the kids will be surprised and excited when they find candies. Add a funky pinata in the jump house to make it more compelling.

Glow in the dark party House

Cover the commercial bounce house absolutely with the help of a huge sheet or if you don’t have a huge sheet which can cover your bouncer, you could do it in any other manner meaning you can take small sheets and stick or sew their edges to make it a huge cover. After covering the jump house entirely, use the stuff that glows in dark like a glow stick, radium toys, and other extravagant add-ons, and put it all around the jump house. You can stick it to the insides of the jump house, put it in the pit, etc.

This would be a great idea for kids Halloween party, as it will give a sight spooky effect but won’t scare them off.

Inflatable slide House

Another amusing idea for little kids and an economic deal for you is that you can convert your bouncer into an inflatable slide. So alongside a mini bouncer pool, your kids may want to have a slide as well. All you need to do is to get a sheet of tarpaulin and join it on the slide of the bouncer and spread some soap water on it to make it slippery, not too much though as it can become dangerous. Your kids can experience the fun of a water park right at home with family and friends. Trust us, once a commercial bounce house is transformed into an inflatable slide mini pool house, your kids may never ask for a trip to any waterpark.

Bouncy Basketball House

Let your kids have the experience of bouncy basketball with the useful resources which include a mild twist to it. All you need to do is purchase basketball/s(buy the inflatable harmless basketballs if your kids are really small), a basketball hoop, or a basketball board, mount it on a pole according to the height of your kids. Throw the basketballs n the bounce house pit and let your kids play the bouncy basketball. As we all know that basketball helps grow physically, this will be a good activity game for kids and their fitness.

Treasure/scavenger hunt House

Make your commercial bounce house adventurous by making it part of a Scavenger hunt or maybe a treasure hunt. For Scavenger hunt you have to make a list of miscellaneous things and placed them all around the jump house pit, with other toys, colorful balls, etc. Now make different teams with equal number of members in each team, give the list of items to all the teams. Ask the teams to come to the starting point, and start the game. Whichever team collects maximum items from the list will win. To make the game even more thrilling, set a time limit.

For Treasure hunt, do the same as a scavenger hunt. Get Toys and miscellaneous things then put it all around the jump house, in the pit, etc. Make different teams with equal members in each team. Now instead of giving them the list of items, this time, give them clues related to those items. Again, whichever team finds all or maximum items with the help of those clues wins, set the timer to make it more exciting, askt the teams to stand on starting point, and let the hunt begin.