Why it is Essential To Report The Incident in Workers’ Compensation Claim Virginia

Workplace injuries should be taken seriously. The employer’s responsibility is to ensure that the workplace is safe for their employees and take maximum preventive measures to prevent injuries. If you sustain workplace injuries, you can file for workers’ compensation benefits without proving fault. However, one of the most crucial aspects of Virginia workers’ compensation claims is incident reporting.

It is crucial to report the incident as soon as possible to your employer. Doing so will help ease the hassle that you have to go through for getting the compensation. If you are injured at the workplace, get in touch with an experienced lawyer before your claim is swept away through the insurance company’s tactics. You can look for the right lawyer on the web searching “Virginia Beach workers’ compensation lawyer near me.”

When should you report the accident to your employer?

As per Virginia’s Workers’ compensation commission, if you sustained an injury at your workplace, you must notify your employer as soon as possible in a written format. You can either write a letter or email your employer. It is advisable to report the injury immediately.

Additionally, the timeline for reporting the accident is 30 days from the day of injury. If you or your representative fail to inform your employer within the timeline, you may not be eligible for claiming the financial benefits for your medical treatment. Even though the timeline is 30 days, you should not wait for weeks to notify your employer. The earlier you inform your employer, the quicker your compensation process can proceed.

Perks of reporting the injury.

Besides being a critical element in the worker’s compensation process, reporting the injury can also benefit in various ways.

  • Timely reporting will ensure that the victim gets needed medical assistance and recover quickly.
  • Timely reporting prevents future injuries and helps in determining any internal injury.
  • It helps the employer understand the areas they lack in safety and ensure that it does not happen again with any worker.
  • It helps protect your claim and prevent it from looking like a fraud. In situations where no eyewitness or evidence is present, the report will help recall the incident and serve as vital evidence of the accident.

If you are injured at work, the statute of limitation for the compensation claim in Virginia is two years. Failure to timely report the incident to the employer can result in a delay in filing for compensation too. Moreover, if you miss the statute of limitation, there is a rare chance to get any financial benefits.

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