Types of Roof Tiles You Should Know About

Usually, a normal shingle roof will probably not satisfy your urge to achieve an extraordinary style, especially if you have a discerning taste. While shingle roofs are attractive and functional, their beauty cannot be compared with the beauty of a tile roof. Check out the various types of roof tiles available for homeowners to select from.       

What Are Roof Tiles?

Roof tiles serve the primary role of keeping water out of your house interiors. This roof differs from traditional asphalt shingle roofs in its looks and material components. Tile roofs are more attractive, and their materials are sustainable. Clay and slate tiles are among the earliest roof tiles available in the market. This was because their raw materials were locally available, but with time, more tile options, such as metal and concrete tiles, have been presented in the market. While roof tiles provide an excellent way to customize your home, they vary in durability, appearance, weight, and cost.

Types of Roof Tiles

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roof tiles were established in the middle of the 19th century. They were easy to manufacture since the basic components of concrete are easy to find and inexpensive. While concrete tiles were made using hands in the initial stages, modern production methods were incorporated as time went on. Thanks to technology, concrete roof tiles are among the inexpensive roof tile options on the market today. Concrete tiles are also very attractive and can resemble slate or clay tiles and wood shakes. Nevertheless, following their heavy weight, these roof tiles require a roof structure with enough reinforcement to handle the additional weight.

Slate Roof Tiles

Slate primarily involves a natural stone with a beautiful and unique appearance. It offers various dramatic color variations that only mother nature and time can produce. More to it, slate provides a fire-resistant roofing option that will serve you for ages. Also, it is one of the classiest roofing materials on the market.

However, slate roof tiles are quite challenging to handle and expensive to install. Hence, repairs might be a potential problem.

Composite Roof Tiles Composite roof tiles involve a mixture of artificial and natural materials, making them one of the best roof tiles you can get. They are easily replicated to look like any tile roofing product, thus making them easy to custom into various patterns and colors. Unlike concrete tiles, composite tiles are lighter and come with mind-blowing warranties. Finding an experienced tile roofing contractor to install these tiles in your home is best.