The Common Causes Of Tricuspid Valve Dysfunction

With a change in lifestyle choices, haphazard schedules, improper eating habits, continuous use of digital devices and lack of movement, people have developed a plethora of ailments. These debilitate their health and have made folks a puppet in the hands of doctors. The adverse repercussions of leading a mechanical life can be gauged by the plummeting health of people.

Surprisingly, people of all ages are being diagnosed with heart conditions. A few of them even kick the bucket when they over-exert themselves or try too hard at transforming their life.

A heart condition such as tricuspid valve regurgitation causes chaos in the lives of people. Mayhem and hell break loose when people are diagnosed with the condition. In this, the right ventricle of the heart grows abnormally large which prevents the person from accomplishing daily tasks.

Delving Deeper Into The Causes Of Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation

Suffer From Genetic Disorders

The heart condition might arise because of umpteen genetic disorders. Only the Almighty knows the permutations and combinations that take place when an organism develops in the body.

If you have a family history of people affected by heart ailments, it is likely to get transferred to you. A connective tissue disorder called Marfan syndrome occurs that might pave the way for tricuspid valve disease.

Being Born With Heart Diseases

There are folks who are born with irregular heartbeats, holes in the hearts, abnormal rhythmic pressures, valve disorders and some errors in the circulatory system.

This makes them even more predisposed to heart ailments such as the tricuspid valve disorder that might originate from a malfunctioning valve being unable to pump blood.

Experience Chest Injuries

At times, accidents do occur wherein people lose consciousness and develop chest injuries. These interfere with the functioning of the heart and damage the valves that pump blood to the body.

Have Radiation Therapies

During the treatment of different cancers, people go in for radiation therapies that might damage the tricuspid valves. The ultrasonic waves make things go haywire and might rupture the lining of the heart.

Being Diagnosed With A Carcinoid Syndrome

People with this condition have tumours in the digestive system. These affect the lymph nodes and liver and produce a hormone that damages the tricuspid valves.

Live With Rheumatic Fever

The fever affects the throat and has a pronounced effect on the tricuspid valves that interfere with the transportation of blood from the heart to the different organs of the body.

To conclude, heart ailment develops because of numerous reasons. With proper exercise, intake of a nutritious diet and regular sleep patterns, one can counteract the effects of the disease. Doctors advise people to harness positive thoughts and not be surrounded by strands of complacency that ruin one’s enthusiasm.