Solutions for eCommerce from Epicor

You can install the fairest distribution, stand out from the competition, and attract more consumers with Epicor eCommerce. To compete with companies, you must handle more operations for more clients while controlling expenses.

That entails enhanced inventory management, first-rate customer service, advanced forecasting, and more effective pricing techniques in a period of constrained margins.

Epicor offers comprehensive distribution knowledge that encompasses best-practice procedures, distinctive selling points, and cutting-edge technology to help you increase efficiency and revenue.

Epicor Ecommerce Connect is the modernized version of eCommerce. This is where you begin if your goal is to convert internet buyers into regular customers.

Consumer and B2B capabilities are combined by B2B Ecommerce for Epicor P21. It is supported by a vast selection of Apple Store-like applications and is cloud-based and mobile.

• Cost-effective internet services demand the least amount of hardware, support, &labour.

• Complete compatibility using Epicor Prophet 21 

• The website is fully responsive and prepared for mobile marketing.

• The flexibility to support several languages, currencies, and stores

• Straightforward, contemporary eCommerce features

• Comprehensive administrative toolkit for B2C eCommerce, including page templates

• Search, site statistics, checkout, payments, and optimization for search engines (SEO)

• Built by Epicor based top of the Magento, default B2B eCommerce capabilities

• Price, sale, reorder, & bulk customer orders for customers

• Access to purchase status, shipment, account history, invoicing, payments, & returns via B2B customer identity (RMA)

• Straightforward self-service solutions for marketing campaigns and online discounts

Integration into social media sites and others, as well as social features like blogs, customer reviews, & ratings.

• An all-inclusive end-to-end solution that includes installation, eCommerce business consultation, web design, 3rd product information connection, back-end integration, customization, & SEO service.

Solutions provided by Prophet 21

Whether your company is in the manufacturing or construction sectors, Epicor provides several options for making eCommerce function for distributors, including you. They can also start you out with a cutting-edge, completely integrated corporate structure, regardless of the size or scope of your company. The storefront solutions provided by Prophet 21 provide you with the following:

• A hosted, integrated digital storefront that may save your customer service expenses and provide your consumers with greater freedom to access pricing and product details from anywhere, anyone at a time

• Clearly labelled hyperlinks to simplify navigation and lead site visitors to the data they want 

• Tight connection allowing customers to submit purchase details straight into the system, freeing your personnel to attend to other matters of importance

• Consistency—orders may be placed at any time, even after you close your office during the day, by contract workers, shift workers, and other customers.

• Access to portable devices, allowing clients to make orders from wherever, even far-off work locations

• Account management features with quick access to offers, open orders, purchase history, late payments, and shipment details

• Reporting features that provide a clear picture of how the visitors utilize your website, including which visitors clicked on your banner advertising and how frequently they did so.

• Strong API that connects your company to the rest of the world & offers a full NET stack with support for SOAP & REST for Internet access.

• XML enables reliable business document exchange between suppliers, commerce hubs, & procurement apps.

• Integrated EDI functionality or simple compatibility with EDI mapmakers