Light it up! Simple water pipe vs. Bong Guide

Did you know that there are at least 18 different types of bongs and at least 10 different types of water pipes?

How do you even tell the difference between the two?

This can be especially difficult because many sources classify bongs as water pipes and vice versa. You can get high quality water bongs from this pipe store

Sometimes there may be water in the pipe and it will be considered a water pipe

. Sometimes the bong is a dry bong and does not use water.

Today we will explain the differences between a water bong and a bong.

What is a bong?

The term “bongo” is often used as a general classifier. Let me quickly discuss the etymology of this word.

The word was first used in the 1960s to describe a long tube with water at the bottom. Of course it happens in America.

Did you know that the “bongo” has been used for centuries in other cultures?

The Hmong in Laos and Thailand have been using bongs for centuries, as have other groups in Africa.

The term “bongo” actually comes from the Thai language and specifically means a bamboo water pipe used for smoking. The first recorded use of the word appeared in McFarland’s Thai-English Dictionary in 1944.

In English, “bongo” simply means any type of smoking equipment that has this general tube design. It doesn’t even have to contain water

Today, there are tons of bong varieties, from wet to dry. Bongs can be made of bamboo, acrylic, metal, wood or glass. In their simplest form, they take the form of a straight tube.

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What about water pipes versus bongs?

You see now that the word “bongo” is more common. A bong is sometimes used interchangeably with a water pipe. These should be varied because bongs do not always retain water.

So let me discuss what water pipes are.

Simply put, they use water as a filtration system, drawing smoke through the water to cool it.

While a bong simply means a tube with a closed chamber, water bongs are usually considered more artistic.

They are often created with multiple percolators, chambers and levels and can come in a wide variety of designs.

The main difference between a bong and a water pipe is the design choices involved in making water pipes.

Many smokers prefer glass water pipes because of their smooth smoking.

Try Water pipes for a smoother experience

Definitely try water bongs if you want a new smoking experience. They can make smoking a social event and are often ergonomic, making them easier to use.

We hope you can now tell the difference between a water bong and a bong.