Thailand Tour Packages

Dotted with Buddhist temples, azure lagoons and balmy beaches, Thailand is a microcosm of Southeast Asia.

Thailand tour packages offer a panoramic expedition of the country’s colourful streets that display the glorious transformation of this ancient Siamese kingdom into a multicultural state.

Mammoth Buddhist shrines with intricate architectural style are seen until the farthest ends of Thailand, highlighting a strong religious identity coexisting with the contemporary metamorphosis that is taking place in all the major cities of Thailand.

Every nook and corner of the country is a delightful discovery for travellers due to its hypnotizing vistas, rich heritage and unique architectural style.

Lush green hills and gurgling waterfalls cover the topography of Thailand and attract tourists from all around the world.

Thailand is also known for its friendly locals whose warmth and generosity will make you feel at home. Select Thailand Tour Packages for an insightful trip to the major cities, popular beaches and bewitching tourist attractions of the country.

Thailand Highlights

Thailand is among the most sought-after destinations in the world. Thailand tour packages allow you to embark on exciting excursions to vast beaches and lush green forest covers of Thailand.

Included in these Thailand tour packages are trips to serene temples, majestic palaces and beautiful statues of Buddha across the country that offer an intimate glance into the culture of Thailand.

Bangkok is an important addition to Thailand tour packages. The Chao Phraya River is the major river that glides through Bangkok, while the city offers awe-inspiring views of natural vistas and skyscrapers.

You can explore popular tourist attractions here such as Giant Swing, Victory Monument and Wat Arun Temple. You can also visit Chiang Mai through Thailand tour packages.

The city of Chiang Mai forms the religious core of Thailand. You can also embark on a night safari at Chiang Mai Zoo and enjoy a close encounter with the wildlife. Thailand tour packages also introduce you to the spiritual facet of Thailand.

This Asian country’s fundamental ideology is derived from Buddhism. Despite being thronged with tourists, Thailand has maintained a zen-like environment for seekers.

You can feel strong religious energies here, as monks in saffron robes make their way in and out of the temples. You must also include the gorgeous beaches of the country in your Thailand tour packages. The white sand beaches of Thailand are dotted with swaying trees, small shacks and luxurious resorts.

The sapphire ocean and transient waves offer tranquil views to visitors while the adventurers can indulge in enthralling water sports through Thailand tour packages.

You can explore popular destinations such as Phuket with Thailand tour packages. Be it boating around the verdant cliffs of Phang Nga Bay or swimming in the aquamarine waters of Phi Phi Islands, Phuket is packed with exciting destinations.

You can also discover the night markets of Patong. The streets of Patong are thronged with tourists, while musicians and performers display their impressive talents and make the atmosphere melodious. Another must-visit destination included in Thailand tour packages is Pattaya.

Explore the streets of Pattaya fringed by souvenir shops, bars and Thai restaurants. Thailand tour packages allow you to explore Kanchanaburi as well, which is studded with historical and natural wonders. Also, visit the River Kwai Bridge which was built by prisoners of World War II and discover the hidden waterfalls at Erawan National Park.

Do not forget to relish the flavoursome Thai cuisine through Thailand tour packages. Indulge in the strong aroma and unique taste of non-vegetarian dishes such as Thai noodle soup with chicken and broccoli and gka prow, which is basil chicken.

Vegetarians can also savour the taste of Thailand’s gourmet meal with our Thailand packages. You can taste Thailand’s special hot yellow curry and tao hoo song kreung. If you are a traveller with a sweet tooth, Thailand can prove to be a heaven for you.

Best time to book Thailand tour packages

Thailand is a tropical country. The best time to book Thailand tour packages is during winters when the temperature cools down. In Thailand, the winter season begins in November and lasts till February and constitutes the peak season.

You can also book Thailand tour packages during summer. The summer season in Thailand can be hot and humid. It begins in March and stretches till May.

If you’d like to enjoy off-season perks which include cheap hotels, inexpensive flights and less crowd, you can visit Thailand during monsoon season. But be warned: Thailand witnesses storms and heavy rains during the monsoon season, hence travellers cannot enjoy water activities during monsoon.

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