Website Maintenance Tasks: A Brief Guide To Quarterly Web Maintenance


Websites have emerged as an important business need in recent times. No business can flourish and ensure success in the fast-paced era without the support of a fully functional website. Some business makes the crucial mistake of getting their websites, but not maintaining them, which brings them to point zero. 

The UAE is one of the busiest business hubs of the world where hundreds of new initiatives ensure its success every year. Such businesses take help from technology and look after their website maintenance needs quite often. It helps them stay in touch with the target audience and stay progressive. 

This article aims to provide a brief guide to quarterly website maintenance tasks, which should never ignore to ensure your success. 

Top 6 Website Maintenance Tasks you should do on Quarterly Basis 

Getting a website is a crucial step towards making your business updated with the requirements of the target audience. However, you are not done with your responsibility just yet. The websites require constant maintenance to provide the latest information and results to the users. You can put some tasks on the quarterly list to check the efficiency of your site.  

The following are some of the most important website maintenance tasks you should do on a quarterly basis to ensure the ease of your users. 

1. Review Analytics 

Knowing the website traffic is one of the basic steps towards its improvement. So, the first website maintenance task that you need to accomplish on a quarterly basis is to review the analytics. It will help you explore the number of users who visited your site, the time they spent, as well as the most popular content among the target audience. 

Reviewing the analytics often becomes a hectic task for the business owners who are not aware of website-related matters. Therefore, they often acquire the services of website maintenancecompanies to ensure proper maintenance of their site, which boosts their success. 

2. Check Loading Time 

The second most important website maintenance task that you should perform on a quarterly basis is to check the loading time of the website. This is one of the most crucial aspects which defines the success rate of the website, as the users only prefer the sites which open in two to three seconds. You may not be able to resolve user issues if you do not know how to maintain a website

Your website may load within a second when it is first launched. However, with the passage of time, this time can increase up to two minutes, which causes significant inconvenience to the users. Website maintenance will help you explore, as well as fix the issue of extended loaded time. 

3. Remove Unused Plugins 

The websites employ some themes and plugins to tackle the technical matters, as well as to ensure smooth provision of information to the users. They are meant for short periods of time and can cause security threats if left unattended for longer periods of time. 

So, the third important website maintenance task that you should complete on a quarterly basis is to remove the unused plugins and themes from your website. It will not only give a new look to the site but improve the loading time and ensure vulnerability management as well. 

4. Test Forms 

The business, as well as other websites, uses a number of forms to get the personal information of the users and provide them the related product or service. Sometimes, issues can occur in form loading or entering the information, which can cause problems in the process. 

The next website maintenance task that you need to complete on a quarterly basis is to test all the forms available on your website. Try filling them as a user to identify the crucial issues, as well as fix them to enhance the performance of the website. 

5. Optimize your Database 

The next task that you need to essentially complete in your quarterly website maintenance is to optimize your database. Your database may get some spam comments, links, drafts, revisions, and offers, etc. All of these may not be visible to the users; however, it can impact the performance of the website. 

So, pay significant attention to this point and check it on every quarterly basis. Ensure to optimize data and information on your site, which will attract more and more users. 

6. Verify Backups 

One of the most crucial quarterly website maintenance tasks is verifying the backups. They are essential to keep the security measures in check and save the site from potential threats. So, do not compromise on verifying the backup of your website. 

You may not be able to do it if you are not aware of the technicalities of the field. You can acquire the services of any professional website maintenance company in Dubai to ensure all the elements are in check and boost its efficiency for the users. 

Ensure maintenance of your website on a quarterly basis! 

Web maintenance is crucial for the long-term success and stability of the website. So, do not compromise it due to the lack of information or technical skills. Consult the experts to fix all the issues and ensure a hassle-free experience for your users.