Ready to Go on a Beach Holiday?

One of the busiest coastlines in Thailand is Phuket Patong. This part of Phuket is home to many beautiful hotels, restaurants, and attractions. You will not become bored on this type of holiday. The city, which is known for its nightlife, centers around the famous Soi Bangla, or Bangla Road.

The Place Comes to Life After Dark

Bangla Road comes to live after the sun sets. The road, which is closed to vehicular traffic, becomes a stretch of neon lights and a jam of people after dark. If you are seeking a fun night out, you won’t want to miss the excitement along Bangla Road.

In fact, most of the bars along the road are open-fronted. Therefore, the music from the bars seem to blend into a mass of varying beats. Beer bars occupy most of the road along with some pubs and go-go bars. You can also find some fun and excitement along the side streets of Soi Bangla. You will see street performers performing their while you make your way around leaflet distributors, vendors, and similar promoters.

A Nightly Celebration

This type of challenge is just part of the celebration that you will experience each night while staying at beach resorts in Phuket Patong. The “Soi” in Soi Bangla stands for small street in the Thai language. This main road can be sectioned into three parts, each of which has a certain atmosphere.

For example, the end of Soi Bangla sits furthest from the beach and features a shopping center. It is also home to beer bars and street performers. If you head west towards an LED screen, you have reached the halfway juncture along Bangla Road. People in this section try to stop people to stop in their shops and by what they are selling.

Do You Like to Play Laser Tag?

Most of the go-go bars sit along this section of Bangla Road. You will find even more in the section of SoiSeadragon, which veers off the north side of the road, just opposite of SoiPatong Resort. If you like laser tag or wish to enjoy the spa facilities, this is the part of the road to visit. Popular live music bars are featured in this venue, including New York Live Music and Monsoon.

When you reach the beach end of Bangla Road, you will find that things are less hectic and more easygoing. The south side of the road features a large number of beer bars, including the Sunset Bar and Shipwreck Bar. Most of the bars display a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. That is why it is fun to go pub-hopping in this area of Soi Bangla.

Visit the Moulin Rose Cabaret Show

Ladyboy cabaret dancers pose for photos in this area and direct people to the Moulin Rose cabaret show, which is featured nightly. The beach end of Soi Bangla features souvenir vendors, fast food restaurants, and street performances.

As you can see, visiting Phuket Patong is a true holiday experience where you can get away and escape to the excitement of a night life that is both unique and fun.

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