Lohri Gift Ideas: What makes a good gift this Lohri?


Although, the New Year bash is still making its rounds among people in forms of ‘who did what on 1st’ and ‘where they celebrated it’, soon later the month of January comes lashing out with glorious festivals in utmost furor. Lohri, being one of them, is widely celebrated to mark the end of winter and also to exult over the harvest of crops. However, it can be remembered as a winter crop time celebration as well as a form of reverence shown to the Sun deity.

Therefore, when festivals come knocking at your door, exchanging gifts become an auspicious part of the celebration. However, amid all the gift-giving tradition, choosing unique and one-of-a-kind presents at times get challenging. If you’re well-prepared to host a Lohri party or attend one, here’s your guide to get innovative and ditch those conventional gift ideas.

Lohri Gift Ideas:

Homemade Muffins and Cupcakes

Similar to homemade traditional sweets, muffins and cupcakes are now making talks in the air of being the latest forms of festive treats. Since, personalization is growing out to be a major trend these days, handmade cupcakes and muffins will make unique Lohri gift items for distant friends and family.

All about Mason Jars

Get colorful mason jars to complement the essence of the festival. Fill them with flavored cakes, mulled fruits or even homemade jams and biscuits and up the game of innovation by a notch. Label the jars by giving each of the items unique names to lend a personal touch.

Air Purifying Indoor Plant

Nobody minds having a tad bit of green in the house. Getting unique gifts for Lohri just gets more interesting with a beautiful plant delivered at your doorstep from a closest family member or friend.

Personalised Chocolates

When it comes to spreading a smile on someone’s face, it’s the personalized gifts that usually cast the spell. Some presents are practical while some carry that emotional attachment with it. A gift box of personalised chocolates can make any heart burst with glee. It is one of those exclusive gift items that you can personally choose for those special ones within the family and friends circle to leave an everlasting imprint on them.

Woolen Stoles and Scarves

Considering the month Lohri is celebrated in, opting for woolen scarves and stoles can make an ideal gift item for your loved one. You can also knit a scarf in bright colors to lend a personal touch to your present.

Tea light Holder

Festivities call for bright lights and vibrant decor. A decorative tea light holder will make the perfect Lohri gift for your loved one. Its radiating warm light will spread positivity and create a relaxing ambience in the home.

Now that we’ve broken down a list of unique Lohri gift ideas, get prepared with presents that’ll leave your friends and family awestruck. After all a celebration is ought to reflect happiness on the faces of those we love.

Happy Gifting!