Arizer Go Review: Everyone’s Most Portable Vape


Arizer Go, also known as ArGo, is the most portable vape in the market right now, which is also the most anticipated one from Arizer. This ArGo model gives Arizer brand a reputable name for its portability, impressive onboard controls, tasty-vapor consistency, and stunning feature set.

Well, let’s go over the details of the Arizer Go Review below as to why you would love to have this one for your vaping essentials.

Arizer’s Vaping Quality and Design

ArGo gives that smooth boost, consistent tasty vapor, and easy control buttons. When used, you’ll see that the first pull is thin yet soothing and flavorful, then the next two to more draws come out as thick and shaping impressive clouds of smoke. As for the last draws, you’ll experience a still nice and clean smoke and taste. This is thanks to Arizer’s hybrid heater that is attached to their portable vapes, which is also matched with the right materials such as ceramic, stainless steel, and glass. The brand avoids plastic usage in their products to ensure safety and quality in vaping.

As for its physical feature, ArGo measures 3.5in / 9cm height, 2 in / 5cm width, 1 in / 2.5 cm, and it weighs 3.4oz / 96 g only. This vape has a push-top that slides down to reveal the glass stem with anodized aluminum in the middle. The bottom piece is silicone coated for a softer touch. It also has this notable smaller overall footprint.

This design means it fits comfortably in any hand size or pocket, something that its predecessors can’t claim. With this design, Arizer obviously delivers a more convenient and effective handy option for a vape. The only downside to thi, is that this compact design makes the inside a bit more complicated to clean.

However, add to its convenience and quality, this vape has a comfortable air flowing which is easy to settle into a comfortable draw.

The Swappable Battery, like no other

When it comes to functionality, Arizer made sure to give you an effective and easy way to change its vapes features just like its battery. It’s a 18650 swappable battery that is quite the same as Panasonic NCR18650b, which you can only found in high-end portable vaporizers. The significant difference is that it can give you power almost overnight, making you pump while partying all night.

Its Impeccable Performance and Control

The ArGo comes with all packs of control, which you would really love to have in a vape. There’s no need for a vape user to find Bluetooth in order for this to keep running. This Arizer Go 2 has full temperature control from its standard point of 122° to 428° F (50° to 220° C). You can easily change the power, shut-off timer, start-up timer, screen brightness, and indicator sounds directly from the device. And the additions that you surely would like to have with this vape are a countdown timer for session timeout and vibrating haptic feedback.

As for its hybrid heating efficiency, it’s undoubtedly this model won’t turn you down, for it has a glass stem at the center, which gives a powerful impression of convenience and looks. The use of its glass is quite crucial for this keeps the herbs and oils at a constant temperature while getting the hit and also makes it cool down quickly. This may be an entirely of process, but the Arizer Go designed this to have that safe vaping without losing its flavors. However, you may have to wait a few seconds to reach that desired 390° F, but as for anything else, this is already a pretty decent one.

The Verdict

The Arizer Go really can put up a battle among the premium vapes in the market. It is also important to note that it can last up to 90 minutes on a onetime charge. This is already a good runtime for the vape size. It can significantly contain the vape oil’s flavor while having an open airflow, full control buttons, and impressive features. However, ArGo is a bit pricey than the other competition. This is justifiable, though, for its solid look, consistency, tested technology, proven quality, and a reliable warranty from Arizer’s good reputation and more info

It has a reasonable price of $270. Arizer Go has a lot of competitors in the market, especially those who come in cheaper. For its price tag, there are a lot of brands that could beat this in a snap. But what made us sure with the ArGo, is that it can give you all the features, safety, and portability that you could as for from a vape essential. There might also have some who can compete with the Arizer Go, but then, it comes with a higher price tag.

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