Introducing tips of Body massage

Body massage relaxes muscles and lowers blood pressure and heart rate. It will make us disconnect for a few moments of the daily routine and stress, improving physical and psychic tension, chronic fatigue, muscle blockages, headaches, insomnia.

Massage performed with different therapeutic massage techniques. It relaxes the mind and helps concentration and reduce stress. In addition, it improves blood concentration throughout the head, enhancing brain functions and allowing to look healthier and younger looking skin.

Enjoy a relaxing time in company, personalizing the aroma of the essential oil of Germaine de CapucciniSperience. Aromas: Relax, Svelte, Vitality, Aqua and Active. Relieve tension and relax.

Massage that uses the elasticity and robustness of bamboo canes to achieve a state of absolute relaxation and release accumulated tensions. This therapy favors the drainage of retained fluids and tissue regeneration, so it fights localized fat and reaffirms the skin. That is, it eliminates toxins, reactivates circulatory disorders, improves blood circulation, fights cellulite and reshapes the silhouette.

Original Oriental Medicine

Combining the traditional therapeutic massage with the contact of hot volcanic stones, stimulate blood flow by relaxing the body to a deep level. It improves chronic back and neck pain, reduces stress and helps in cases of anxiety, depression and migraines. It helps to relax and sleep better.

From 12 weeks gestation

The relaxing effect of the massage, in addition to helping you relieve the tension accumulated during jetlag and tense muscle, will allow you to enjoy a quiet time for yourself.

It is born from the fusion of Hawaii massage and massage services Singapore. The techniques created by professional therapists. It acts on the distal areas of the body, treating different areas at the same time, getting the mind to get carried away … A therapy that treats at the same time the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, achieving a soft but intense relaxation.

Stimulates blood circulation and fluid drainage, provides greater flexibility to the muscles and strengthens the immune system.

Complete relaxation and balance

Improved mobility and elasticity of stressed muscles, decreases physical fatigue, prevents muscle diseases due to poor body posture, increases blood circulation, improving muscle oxygenation and promotes nervous system.

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