Construction cranes – what you need to know


A construction crane is a device widely used on construction sites. Thanks to construction cranes, it is possible to make your work much faster and facilitate its implementation.

On the current market you can find several basic types of cranes, such as mini-cranes, mobile cranes, telescopic cranes, tower cranes and more. If you consider using a crane on your construction side, it’s worth knowing several facts first as you need to choose the right type in order to save time and money.

Not all the jobs are the same

It’s obvious that different jobs require different types of machinery. To create a new parking lot, you need an elevator and an excavator. To remove construction waste, you need a loader and a dump truck. But in order to make your work efficient, i.e. to save time and money, you need to know that for each of such tasks you are going to use a different type of construction crane. Manufacturers designed these machines to help construction workers build many different structures and move heavy objects in a quick and save way.

Therefore, crane types are not universal. If you plan to build on smooth ground, you need a different device than the one used on difficult terrain.

Choose the right machine

So, if you need a crane in a production hall – think about a stationary crane. The most versatile crane types today are however the mobile cranes. The mobile hydraulic crane includes a steel truss or telescopic boom mounted on a mobile platform.

It could be a rail, it can be wheeled, or even mounted on a truck. Jib cranes, popularly used in industrial premises, come in floor mounted, wall mounted and ceiling mounted versions. A gantry crane, in turn, is installed at the top a gantry.

It is designed to move things (depending on the size: from heaviest loads to car batteries) vertically and horizontally in a space limited by the length of the track, height of raising and lowering, and width of the bridge. Keep in mind that these are also hoist types that differ as they come in electric or manual version.

Cranes at the Mipromet store

Excellent and practical cranes can be bought from specialist manufacturers, such as Mipromet. Mipromet store offers solutions that work perfectly well as equipment for construction sites and make transport of large and heavy loads quick and easy. Mipromet deals with the production of construction cranes of different technical specifications and different performance parameters. The offer includes:

·         Freestanding jib cranes ALPHA,

·         Freestanding jib cranes BETA,

·         Wall mounted jib cranes GAMMA,

·         Ceiling mounted jib cranes EPSILON

·         Gantry cranes DELTA

·         Tripod cranes THETA

All of the above have been subjected to quality and strength tests and meet all the necessary safety standards. Moreover, at Mipromet you can count on thorough technical advice by specialists who are going to help you choose the right crane for you, taking into consideration such features as the range of rotation and load capacity needed for your plant, warehouse or construction site.