We all take care of our teeth but we don’t focus much on the gums. Due to this, we have to face gum bleeding and other oral diseases. A great way to take care of our gums as much as we take care of our teeth is by using the GumPick. The GumPick is a gum stimulator which gets rid of the deposited or hidden food particles and it also massages the gums to increase the blood flow and oxygen. This way, you can improve your oral health and that means, less visits to the dentist.

In very simple words, GumPick is a stick which has a rubber tip and the rubber tip is used to massage the gums and also to get rid of the food particles. It is designed in a way that it becomes a part of the daily oral care routine. The tip is able to fit into areas which are hard to reach so that the plaque is not deposited on to the teeth or gums. The stick of GumPick is made with solid aluminum so you don’t have to worry about its color coming off. It has a super smooth and sleek design yet it provides a great grip to the user. Also, multiple can use the same device as it comes with tips in different colors, so you can remember which color of the tip belongs to you.

Cavities are very common and they can result in serious oral health problems. To avoid the cavities and to strengthen the gums, you need the GumPick.

Some Benefits of GumPick are as follow:

  1. Cleans gums

While brushing teeth, it is sometimes possible that the food particles may not be properly removed. With the help of the GumPick you can reach the hard to reach areas and completely get rid of the food particles.

  • Helps prevent cavities

Since the food particles are removed from the mouth, the plaque doesn’t build up much. This helps in preventing cavities.

  • Helps prevent gum diseases:

The GumPick removes the plaque or the food particles deposited in the mouth and also increases the blood flow and oxygen, due to this, gum diseases are protected.

  • Removes hard to reach food:

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you are unable to reach some areas to clean. The rubber tip is super soft and thin, it reaches the hard to reach areas and removes the food particles.

As we mentioned earlier, a lot of people brush their teeth regularly and even floss their teeth. They are doing these to maintain the regular oral health. However, the gum health is overlooked by a lot of us. This GumPick help us have the ultimate oral health by taking care of the gum health as well. if you are someone who wants to gum diseases then you should certainly include the GumPick to your regular oral care routine.

The following steps are followed to use the GumPick:

Step 1: The rubber tip may be hard so before you start rubber tipping, make sure that you run warm water over it to soften it.

Step 2: Now its time to use the rubber tip massage the gums to make them stronger and also to get rid of the food particles that may be stuck around the teeth.

Step 3: Just like always, brush your teeth and floss them.

The basic steps are these but you can interchange the steps according to your need. You may feel that there is still some food particles so you can use the GumPick again, after brushing your teeth.

Adding the rubber tipping to your regular routine, you will be able to have an even more clean mouth and great oral health.

GumPick is recommended by doctors, it is great for families, people who focus greatly on hygiene, people who have issues of cavities, above all, it can be used by any person who wants to beyond the general oral health.

GumPicks are different from other gum stimulators because they have removeable tips, they have an ergonomic design, they are portable and above all, they are super easy to use and can be easily added to the daily oral hygiene routine.