The EDI Workflow Process for Buyers & Suppliers


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is adopted by businesses across many industries because it optimizes workflow by replacing previous order processes such as mail, fax, or email and electronically exchanges documents between two companies with different business systems.

When it comes to the benefits of EDI, it helps organizations producing, shipping, purchasing and selling goods from manufacturers and retailers to firms like logistic ones, airlines or healthcare providers, insurers and many more.

Let’s break down the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) process, piece by piece, to present you with a full sense of what the EDI process is and how it works.

The infographic below visually outlines the EDI process for both the buyer and supplier and how an EDI service provider such as DataTrans Solutions is involved.Despite very basic in visualization, the infographic provides valuable information about understanding the basics of the EDI process. This means that you see the process from both the buyer’s and supplier’s perspective.

To illustrate the nature of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or electronic data interchange, the infographic below exposes how a purchasing transaction would go between two trading partners using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).