AX ERP Software – An Overview for Business Owners


Microsoft Dynamics AX or Dynamics 365 is a popular multilingual ERP software system with multi-currency features. This platform is suitable for companies operating in diverse industries, including those with an overseas presence.

The businesses generally belong to sectors like service, retail, finance, wholesale, and manufacturing. Even companies who have e-commerce sites will find this system ideal for conducting their commercial operations.  This ERP platform functions on Windows operating system and integrates smoothly with many popular Microsoft applications.

These include MS Office, SQL, SharePoint, and BizTalk Server. It allows companies to automate their entire business operations and connect with their stakeholders like customers, trading partners, suppliers, and employees.

AX ERP Software – What language is this popular ERP platform written in?

Companies can operate this enterprise resource planning system as an on-premise site or via cloud technology. Businesses can even choose to use this platform in a hybrid mode. 

The businesses can easily convert this platform from one mode to another, according to ever-changing needs. It is written in a popular relational database, an object-oriented language known as X++. The language provides a mechanism for conducting a wide range of system programming functions.

These include XML building, object collection, file input, manipulating items relating to the user interface, and array support. This ERP software platform also supports classes written in C#, which another popular .NET language.

What are the advantages of Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Companies need a reliable enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform to automate their business processes. It is a management software application that enables businesses to automate and integrate core back-office activities. These generally include processing customers’ orders, commercial scheduling operations, inventory procurement, and maintaining financial data. Only then can they streamline and improve the internal efficiency of their supply chain. Installing and operating the AX ERP Software platform enables companies to achieve this objective. The businesses even enjoy the following six advantages:

  1. The ERP software platform allows owners to make accurate decisions after analyzing their data;
  2. Microsoft Dynamics AX easily integrates with applications such as BizTalk or SharePoint to streamline ad-hoc processes:
  3. This ERP system can support the statutory financial requirements of more than 36 countries;
  4. The user interface of this ERP platform allows employees to focus on completing core tasks;
  5. The platform enables companies to add, delete and modify various industry-specific products items with ease; and
  6. Owners can get an in-depth insight into their customers’ purchases with the ERP platform’s omnichannel controls.

The AX ERP software platform is ideal for companies who want to streamline their business processes and venture into foreign markets. The multi-currency and language features of the system support the financial preconditions of 36 countries.

The ERP system even permits the inclusion or deletion of a diverse range of industry-specific goods.   It allows owners to make accurate decisions by scrutinizing commercial silo data.

This helps them to improve the internal efficiency of their supply chains. They can even track their customers’ purchases via omnichannel control features to offer them better services. Moreover, employees can concentrate on discharging their responsibilities with this platform instead of learning new applications for business growth.