Automated Valet Parking: A New Way


It can be a huge hassle on a busy day when it comes to parking, taking your car and finding the perfect spot to park it meanwhile you are getting late in reaching your office on time. Parking problems aren’t normal; they are the reasons many people get tickets even when they are in a rush with no time left to find a good parking spot. Even in some places, there is no parking at all, people have to park on roads, and that is not the right thing to do because it makes it difficult for others to use the road.

In the past, some solutions have been created to help people with cars when it comes to parking cars at Hotels, Work, or at the supermarket by using valet to park different cars at hotels. This process was efficient for a few years, but when areas got more and more crowded with cars. It sparked a need for more sophisticated systems that will meet the demands of today. And some new technologies were developed, such as Automated Valet Parking systems.

How do they work?

These automated valet parking systems are a lot different from traditional types of valet car parking system employed by many hotels in which you have to throw your car keys to a valet to get it parked. But in automated valet car parking, everything is automated after you leave your car at the lift. In just a few clicks, your car is delivered to an empty parking spot in a building or basement.

Meanwhile, lift keeps working to get cars in and out of the parking lot. You are busy working at the office or shopping at the Mall. Upon exit you once again request your car; your car is delivered to you by life. These automated parking systems are efficient and require one or two staff operators to work on computers; meanwhile everything is done by computers. There is not a specific type of automated valet parking system, but we have discussed three types below.

Transfer device system: In this type of setup one computerized platform is being used to deliver cars and retrieve them from a compound of cars having only two rows, the platform moves between two rows of stacked parking space and moves cars within them. Everything is fully automatic. So, no actual person is inside the compound. To deliver the cars to the customers, at one end one lift is used or two depending on how complex the whole system is, multiple lifts are used to deliver the cars.

Roll Parking: In this type of parking system, multiple platforms are being used to deliver cars to customers. It is called roll parking because multiple platforms are working circularly to transfer cars. This type of parking setup is more difficult to build as compared to Transfer and Tor parking systems.

Tor Parking: In this type of parking, cars are usually parked in a cylindrical building with one lift working inside the cylinder, these types of automatic parking setups are efficient to make as compared to the Roll and transfer device systems.

Why Valet Parking Systems and Solutions?

There are several reasons to prefer automatic valet parking over the traditional type of parking. Some key advantages of automatic valet parking are described below.

For saving space: It takes way less space when we use automatic valet parking over the traditional parking system because fewer roads are needed to make every parking point accessible meanwhile with automatic valet parking those spaces are also utilized in more parking spots eventually accommodating more vehicles in that garage.

For saving time: It takes less time to park in an automatic valet parking than parking in traditionally styled parking. Once you get off the car and your time is yours and your car is delivered by lift to the parking spot. And you keep on walking to your office or a hotel room.

For avoiding unnecessary tickets: Many times, people don’t get a chance to park and they leave their cars parked at the wrong place and that lands tickets worth of hundreds of dollars in their pocket and that is not a good thing. The automatic valet system allows many people to avoid unnecessary tickets which helps them, even more, when they are going around in their life.

It’s convenient: Even if we neglect it, but deep inside we all know that it is fun to drive cars but hate to park and you would hate it, even more, when you spend more than half an hour finding a parking spot before you commence your shopping activities. On the other hand, you can simply book your spot even before driving a car to that automated parking.

Less damages: More automation reduces the chance of getting a car damaged and that can too save you a lot of money so, automated valet parking is a good way to reduce the number of damage claims owners throw at valet’s for not parking their cars in the right way and also damages brought to them in the careless parking style.

Highly organized: The automatic valet parking is highly organized and leaves no room for imperfection. The full system is operated with computers and a handful of staff members overlooking the process while the computer is managing the requests of different users simultaneously.

Saves cost: The automatic valet parking systems saves you a ton of money in terms of building and construction to overall operating cost.

Smooth operation: The operation is fully automatic, and you can overlook it whenever you want with the help of mobile applications such as one of the best providers CVPS solutions provide service with the mobile application to manage it.

Less employment: The more the system is automated, the less staff you have to employ which is necessary to reduce costs.

Low human resource cost: Whenever fewer people are employed, less time is spent managing, recruiting and training them, so, it is an all winning situation for both owners and users.